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BIM Model Services provides expert CAD outsourcing services that provide Architectural CAD modeling service with low cost and high quality. Your CAD drawings are easy to edit and store and can be communicated with all involved in the designing and building process. Unlike drawings, CAD modeling services ensure that your drawings do not fade or damage.

BIM Model Services can create architecture and building design/drawings, construction documents and drafts using software.

You can benefit from our expertise in working with the latest in architectural CAD modeling and design software and a talented team to supplement your in-house capabilities. From your input drawings, specification, BIM Model Services can create CAD architectural drawings that best complement your architectural design.

BIM Model Services provides you with high quality and accurate CAD modeling services. We can work from any file format (such as pdf, tif, jpeg/jpg and other image file), paper drawings or manual, converting them to .Drawing files.

CAD services include Architectural CAD modeling, CAD drafting and detailing, 2D CAD and 3D CAD animation, architectural CAD walkthrough, 3D CAD modeling, rendering and much more. CAD services are used to create accurate and high quality designs for architectural design, building and construction. With the help of these CAD design services you can visualize what your project would look like. These designs can be used to explain future plans to everyone involved in the building or manufacturing process. Our experience and huge knowledge help navigate clients through new challenges and achieve business goals.

We provide architectural CAD/3D modeling services are:-

Exterior models

Interior models

◊ Commercial Buildings
◊ Industrial Building
◊ Hotels
◊ Restaurants
◊ Public Building
◊ Healthcare Building
◊ Clubs

◊ Commercial Buildings
◊ Restaurants
◊ Healthcare Buildings
◊ Restaurants
◊ Clubs
◊ Hotel
◊ Public Buildings

Fixture Assemblies


◊ Bed Room
◊ Bath Room
◊ Living Room
◊ Kitchen
◊ Furniture

◊ Landscaping
◊ Engineering modeling
◊ Modeling for 3D
◊ 3D Structural Models