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What is Architectural Cad Services?
For all architects & engineers, drawing is the main process of putting forward their ideas and design plans. When we talk about architectural CAD services, we imply comprehensive computer aided design (CAD) services in making your drawings for architectural purposes.

Architects, engineers, design consultants, real estate firms, project consultants and property developers have discovered the value of outsourcing their architectural design services to provide added value to their customers through specialized architectural design services, technical expertise and high standards of quality, reduced costs and quicker turnaround on projects.

Our Architectural CAD Services
BIM Model Services firmly believe in the 4 Ds of Architectural CAD services: Drawing, Designing, Drafting and Detailing. Stressing on the 4Ds, BIM Model Services provide high quality, precise and quick architectural drafting and drawing services for Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Consultants, Manufacturers and Fabricators all over the world & for all kinds of projects related to the architectural, engineering and building industry.

Architecture CAD Drawings and Drafting: Like the strength of humans and trees lay in their roots, similarly the architectural drawings are the base - the root and the backbone for the designers, developers and the architects. Architectural drawing is the basic, the first ingredient for the construction industry and for facilities management. We provide architectural drawing services to construction industry, architects and real estate developers for any kind of drawing viz. house, electrical, plumbing, HVAC drawings, topographic maps, section drawings, MEP drawings, landscape drawings, ,Elevation, section drawings, site plan, floor plan, space plan furniture, ceiling, sanitation & piping, sewerage & drainage plans and presentation drawings. Our Architecture drafting service expertise includes paper to cad conversion, redline based revisions as well as preparing permit drawings and complete ready-to-build sets of construction drawings and documents.

Architecture CAD Designing: Our architectural design team is equipped with knowledge, experience, creativity and latest trends in fashion and technology to deliver the desired work to the customers. Our innovative, accurate and reliable services have always added value to our customer projects and that is what we continuously strive for. We can work on your architecture designs and convert them into fully editable multilayer digital formats using CAD (Drawing, DXF), ADT, BIM Model, TurboCAD, StruCAD, MathCAD, Solidworks, MicroStation (DGN), Adobe Illustrator (AI), Coreldraw (CDR), VectorWorks, etc. as well as industry standard 2D and 3D CAD software and engineering applications.

The advantages of using our Architectural Design Services are:

◊ The final output is editable and will be in DXF or Drawing formats (we re-create the architecture design as a new file).
◊ We will create as many layers as you require. We can generate separate layers for dimensions, text, body, hidden lines, and centerlines.
◊ Text is separated and has its own layer.
◊ Dimensions are intact and are shown by a separate layer.
◊ We use blocks for different entities (doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, etc.).

BIM Model Services is committed to giving you the best architectural design services at very competitive prices. If you provide us with your architectural design projects (as scanned images), we can process them and have them sent back to you as soon as you need them. Our mission is to provide you accurate architecture designs. Email or fax us your architecture designs today. Don’t forget to ask us about our great value subscription deals.

Architecture CAD Detailing: Our experience helps us to produce comprehensive detail drawings for door and window, kitchens, ceiling and roofs, flooring, wall sections and toilets. We also provide Concrete Reinforcement Detailing, Rebar Quantity Estimating and Detailed Placement Drawings

We also offer design presentation packages to architects and engineers. The package include construction documents, colored floor plans, furniture layouts, landscaping, 3d rendering of exterior and interior of the building, animation which explain the salient features of the design, interactive CD presentations etc.

Why Choose us for Architectural CAD ?
We can conduct roughly all of the vital steps of the architectural design process and will provide you reliable, high-quality, efficiency, trustworthy results at cost-effective rates & enhance your value proposition. With the support of outsourcing, your organization can take full advantage of time and human resources ending-up in more business and more profits. Outsource your architectural and construction engineering work to us and we will bring round our services to tackle your specific needs. Give us your input in paper, sketches, scanned images or photographs and we will create the drawings exactly as per your requirements. We work closely with our clients on a daily basis and act as an extended arm of their workplace. Our company's well-trained, qualified architectural design team is equipped with experience, knowledge, creativity and latest trends in technology as well as fashion to deliver the desired work to the customers.

Benefit of using our Architectural Services

◊ We have a unique expertise in providing quality architectural service.
◊ We can generate any complex architectural design as per your requirements and the whole project is handled in more professional way.
◊ We have highly skilled manpower that can provide you consistent 100% quality work in given TAT.
◊ Our architectural design team have been providing high-quality architectural design, 3d architectural rendering, architectural drafting, architectural engineering, architectural layout & landscaping CAD drawings, etc
◊ We provide high quality work at very reasonable price as compared to other architectural services or architectural firm.