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We use Building Information Modeling tool to create models which display the complex forms in exteriors and interiors for any type of building. Our models also display the construction sequencing possibility which helps our clients to visualize the project with consideration time frame. We have a highly skilled and experienced technical team who creates the models with an ease and in less time which allows designer to achieve maximum in short span of time. Our Architectural Building Information Modeling (BIM) services include:

Intelligent Virtual 3D Model

◊ Exterior View
◊ Interior View

Add On Information Our Models have project related information such as:

◊ Quantities
◊ Material Specifications
◊ Time Schedules
◊ Costs

Intelligent Libraries

We create the library for various building components with different styles and specifications which are "intelligent" in nature and co-relate with CAD for engineering co-ordination.

3D Visualization of Intelligent 3D Model We increase the visual impact of the 3D model by:

◊ Animation