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We specialize in plumbing engineering services. We add value to our client’s business by providing them the competitive edge by offering these high quality plumbing design services at lower cost.

The key to our success is our customer approach. The commitment of our team help us better to meet your requirements, accuracy and on time delivery.

Our Plumbing services include:
Domestic Water System, Waste Water System, Storm Water System, Riser Diagram

◊ Design and Drafting services for domestic water plumbing set up
◊ Plumbing and Drainage Drafting Services
◊ Compressed air gas system plan drawings
◊ Riser diagrams, details, schematics
◊ Shop drawings, specifications and coordination
◊ Equipment Schedule
◊ Shuttering plans and RCC drawings
◊ Establish utility stub outs and pipe sizes
◊ Sanitary fixtures
◊ Sanitary Drainage and Vent Diagram
◊ Water supply, distribution plans and details
◊ Estimating the number of sanitary and vent risers
◊ Layout of grade piping
◊ Storm water drain details
◊ Road plans and details
◊ Roof drain calculations
◊ Rain water leaders
◊ Estimating the number of sanitary and vent risers
◊ Estimating roof area
◊ Domestic Hot / Cold Water Diagram