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BIM Model Services a India based cad company expertise in the field of structural design. We provide structural design services to US, UK and Canada clients

We undertake conceptual, preliminary and detailed design projects in the areas of Structural Engineering Design and analysis to ensure that ideas are transform into a monetary design which comply with the client necessities and complies with building legislation. We support all phases of the structural engineering design process, right from design and modeling to analysis of pre-existing designs and construction documentation. Our structural design engineering skills, experience and expertise has enables us to make available world-class superlative outsourced solutions to our customers.

Our Structural Design and Engineering Samples

◊ Concrete Culvert Design and Detailing
◊ Structural Engineering Concrete Rebar Detailing
◊ Structural Engineering Foundation Design & Detailing
◊ Structural Engineering CAD Drawing Steel Timber
◊ Structural Calculation Report
◊ Structural Design of Commercial Building
◊ Structural Steel Design & Detail Plan
◊ CAD Drawing Wood Structure Design Sample
◊ Reinforced concrete stairs structural design
◊ Stairway structural design
◊ Fire compartment structural design
◊ Structural package design
◊ Structural stage design

We carryout both design and analysis for all types of residential, commercial & Industrial buildings using industry standard design and finite element tools. We have carried out analysis and design of numerous custom homes both new construction and renovations. Our team has an experience in a wide array of industrial projects including load bearing structures and machine foundations for vibrating equipments.

Our range of Structural Design and Engineering Services include:

Supplement architectural drawings with structural information, and then CO-stamp the Architectural drawings for Structural Engineering content. 
Structural design services for a General Contractor that is building or renovating a home. Often, the General Contractor is also the Owner. 
Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) Engineering Design Services - Provider of engineering design services to clients of ECO Block, which produces a leading insulating concrete form used extensively in the residential construction business. 
Design of single components or whole structures in all principle constructional materials. Our input can be far ranging for example, in steelwork; alternative concept designs right through to full geometric resolution and joint design. Our knowledge of buildings enables us to advise and design to meet our clients’ requirements and budget. Type of structures we cover are - RCC structures, Steel structures, Composite structures & Prefabricated building systems. 
Design and modeling of structures making use of a mixture of resources. Parametric based components such as foundations, walls, beams, trusses, slabs and bracings are incorporated in the design process to ensure dimension based creation and alteration of structural components. 
Product development.
Value and reliability engineering.
Multifaceted scrutiny: Engineering analysis and mechanical troubleshooting to determine the etiology of manufacturing problems.
Coordinated construction documentation.
Technical monitoring and determination of in-service problems.

Why Choose Us ?

We provide fully integrated, safe and reliable design solutions that satisfy the specified performance criteria at the minimum practicable cost & budget.
Our structural engineering team with rich engineering experience strives to reduce product design cycle time as well as ensure to maintain international standards in quality.
We are regularly commended on our superior customer service. We are ready to answer your technical questions and assist you and your contractor in understanding the design that we provide. We will support you at all stages of your construction project.
We stand apart from others by responding effectively to your needs and concerns. Our response combines the most innovative ideas and technology available while keeping within your practical economic realities.
Since we work closely with the design-build industry, we understand the need for fast, economical solutions throughout the entire design development process. From concept to completion, we can assist you in design, cost estimating, feasibility assessment, and finally, implementation of your plans. Our reputation depends upon completing your project on time and on budget.
We are equipped with state of the art infrastructure and cutting edge technology including sufficient bandwidth, which is compatible with the requirements of outsourcing.
Our designers and engineers offer a full range of drawings in 2D or 3D format, using the most current releases of CAD, ArchiCAD, ADT, Microstation, and STAAD.